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Cavalier matters 2020 photo competition


This competition is to raise money for the Cavalier Matters charity and photographs for the 2021 Cavalier Matters calendar will be selected from the entries [PLEASE NOTE, they may not necessarily be the winners of each class].

Lots of exciting classes to enter:
Class 1 Winter Wonderland [snow/Christmas]
Class 2 Best smile
Class 3 Preloved [Rescued/rehomed]
Class 4 Pawsome puppies [under 12 months]
Class 5 Gorgeous guys
Class 6 Beautiful girls
Class 7 A few miles on the clock [7 and over]
Class 8 Best friends forever [Cavaliers with their companions, any species or even toys!]
Class 9 Happy days! [Enjoying life]
**ages at date of photograph**
Judge’s Special Selection

The winner and a runner up for each class will receive a special award. The judge will choose their special selection from all the entries - the owner will win a watercolour portrait of their dog by talented young artist Stevie Hughes.

Please read the instructions in the files section BEFORE you post your images.

You MUST own the copyright to the photo. Please check the details for payment for entries. Don't forget that landscape format photos work best on the calendar.

This year’s judge is PupStar of the Barking Bugle :D

2021 photo competition classes are here! You need to put your photos in the album for each month,,