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Dyson Slim A+


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Dyson Slim is fantastic and a joy to use. The motorhead is as flexible as your wrist or arm positioning, makes terrific right angles. The only noise from it is air sound and the dogs are quite relaxed when I'm using it. The wand is so quick to use as an attachment that I do more and more odd areas daily. The bin is emptied without being exposed to dust and, having multiple allergies inc. dust, this is special for me. The suction is great. For me it is the difference between a Hummer and a neat sports car.
Dyson slim

Could not agree more !I have had mine all of 3 days and can't stop hoovering!Never realised how "dog haired" my carpets were!lol

Great thing is it is not heavy like other Dysons and i can carry it up my very steep stairs ok and to the attic too.

First rate!
Everyone is saying great things about this product! I think I have to put it on my Christmas wish list for sure...
Thanks for the review!