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Eye issue with my Cavalier, auto-immune?


New member

Thank you for welcoming me.

I am a cavalier mom of two, both 7 years old.

My tri-color just started developing eye inflammation in one eye. Doctor says it is uveitis.

She was given antibiotic eye drops, that did not work.
She was given steroid eye drops, that did not work.

Doctor assumes the cause is auto-immune (we will get bloodwork to rule out cancer.)

Has anyone dealt with auto-immune issues in a Cavalier? What auto-immune disease presents itself in the eye?
Hi and welcome! At age seven this could by the start of dry eye which almost all cavaliers start to get -- did the vet do an eye moisture assessment? This is a simple test in the office to gauge tear production. Or perhaps a scratched cornea? The latter often needs an abrasion treatment (sounds terrible but usually works and doesn't bother them much). I'm not sure about possible auto-immune conditions -- maybe @Nicki has some ideas? Or anyone else out there have some thoughts?