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Puppy Feeding Schedule

Hi there! Many years ago, I asked my vet the same thing. Her answer was never, as dogs will get hungry in-between. I home cook for Bella, so she gets fresh food both breakfast at 9 am and dinner about 5 pm. At lunch time, she gets 2 doggie biscuits. In addition to that, she gets some small treats throughout the day. I don't remember at what age she was when I started feeding this way, but I would guess at about 12 - to 18 months old. I would check with your vet before making any changes.
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Her answer was never, as dogs will get hungry in-between
Or at least, demand food 😄

Hi Kerri -- I generally move from 3 to 2 main meals anytime between 6-9 months of age. In terms of digestion it can be better to do three smaller meals generally -- Joyce has a suggestion for ways of doing this in her post. Alternatively some people give a main meal once a day and then a small snack as a second... there's lots of debate about what is better or 'more natural' for dogs. Because cavaliers can be prone to pancreatitis, three smaller meals can be a good lifetime option. But personally I tend to do a morning main meal and then a few healthy-ish treats during the day...