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Food suggestions.


New member
Hi everyone.
I have just bought an 8 week old puppy (9 now we have had him a week!) and am looking for people's recommendations for shop bought food.
He came with butchers puppy food but it was clear straight away that he struggled with the big hard biscuits so I am now giving him Iams puppy which I soak to soften and mix with a puppy meat to make it appetising as he turns his nose up at the Iams alone.
But after browsing the forum a bit I have seen a lot of talk about the ingredients in some commercial food not being great for cavalier king charles spaniels.
So, can you please recommend good foods available in the UK please. Both puppy food and adult. Preferably something soft for his little mouth!
Many thanks
Thanks for that.
It looks like a lot of those aren't available in the UK but at least it gives me ideas on what ingredients to look for in a quiality food!
Food for thought! :)
Thanks again!

I feed "Healthy paws" Its a natural dry food. They do all sorts including a puppy range. Leo does very well on it.

Hi Paul! It's useful to have a mix of soft and dry (for puppies, just moisten dry with a little water). There's a lot of info on diet in the library section of the site and lots of past discussions too that might be helpful. There's a huge variety of appraches to feeding -- everything from commercial raw diets in the UK to commercial wet and dry.

Some that I really like (there are more in the UK, we just don;t get them in Ireland) are good old James Wellbeloved, Robbie's, Canagan, Burns. Most of these do a wet food option too. On wet food, what we feed our dogs here is Symply (in little plastic trays) or NatureDiet (also in plastic trays). WE also feed commercial raw food.

Lily's Kitchen is good for both wet and dry; we buy that when we holiday in Yorkshire. The latter three wet foods are all very high quality meats and ingredients, without additives. You do get what you pay for.

I actually think Butchers wet food is a decent enough option -- all the tripe ones -- and the only thing I'd buy in a supermarket!

You don't want to only feed wet food as this can lead to tooth and gum problems.