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Glad I found this forum


Good morning. My name is Candy and my little girl’s name is Tilly. We live in Minnesota lake country. I am recently widowed and retired, so Tilly is a godsend for me. She’s so happy and so much fun, but sweet and cuddly when I need some love. I’ve had working breed dogs for over 50 years, but this is my first Cavalier. Now I wish I’d found the breed sooner. I’m glad I found this forum because going to need help.

Welcome! You should do pretty well if you've had working breeds; a cavalier should be a little less demanding except perhaps of lap space :) . That said I had a 1 year old Great Pyrenees /Pyrenean Mountain Dog who gets halfway onto my lap every time I sit down even if he's now well over 120lbs/55kg :wut:
Welcome Tilly, Raven and your families, lovely to have you with us. Please feel free to ask any quesitons.