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Hello from Roxymom

Hello and welcome! What other dogs have you had? And tell us a bit about your new cavalier :D
Thanks for the warm welcome. I have owned mostly Labrador Retrievers, so this is an all new experience. I am a guardian for a breeder. My girl is 2 years old and may be pregnant. I'm learning the ways of a Cavalier but it is definitely different- raw foods, still skittish (I've only had her for two days), so I will be reading lots on the website. Roxy is very lovable, quiet, and laid back. She sleeps well through the night. I wasn't sure about that- tiny dog, tiny bladder, but no problem there. She is a beautiful Blenheim and I love the way her markings make it look like she has a heart on her forehead. She is definitely my shadow, which I love. Looking forward to many years with my new BFF...