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For the first time since 1969 I am without a Cavalier. Being ancient I doubt I will have another unless it is an elderly rescue.
My last one died last year from Cushings disease. She was only 8yrs old but didn't respond to treatment.
Back in 69 I worked for a show breeder in Australia and fell in love with the breed, but I waited until I was back home in UK before my father bought a puppy for my 21st. I hung around the show scene but didn't like showing. However I loved to watch.
I learned alot, my interest was pedigrees and eventually had my own database. I collected memorabilia, mainly photographs of older dogs and corresponded with like minded folks.
Ruth, how lovely to see you! I'm so sorry you lost your last cavalier to Cushings, it's such a cruel disease. :( I hope you might find an older rescue to adopt, you might contact Tania and she if she might have a good contact? Or perhaps @Nicki has ideas? Welcome to the CT revamp!
It's lovely to 'see' you back, Ruth, but sorry to hear you no longer share your life with a Cavalier. I would love to contact you at some point if possible please regarding photographs of older dogs?

Cushings is such a cruel disease and very hard to manage.

If you are interested in an older rescue, there are always some looking for loving homes, especially with people with experience of the breed. Bliss Cavalier Rescue, The Oldies Club, Forest of Dean [might be too far] all spring to mind, but I'm happy to keep a look out ;).