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Hi, from Barkley!

This is our tri color pup, Barkley, who is such a sweet, happy dog and brings us so much joy!

I posted last night in the SM forum (maybe with an annoying amount of detail), that he is showing some signs of SM at a very young age (morning hind leg weakness, phantom scratching) and asking for some advice. I see that my post got taken down and I think maybe it's my fault for accidentally posting details that could lead someone back to the breeder.

If that's the issue, I'm definitely happy to repost and be much vaguer about his age and where he comes from. My intention was definitely not to attack the breeder, who seems to be responsible and do things the right way.


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Barkley's so lovely. I've given a longer reply to questions in the health section. Welcome and I hope we can be of help.