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Hi from South Africa – Introducing 'Hovis'!


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Hi, my name is Chiz and I am the happy, (if perforated) owner of an 11-week-old Blenheim puppy. Hovis is brilliant, fearless and super-energetic – all bounce and teeth. After a week and a half we have started basic training. He is doing well with the house training, fortunately it is good weather here so can leave door to garden open. We have started the 'sit' and 'stand', with food and grooming (he will be a show dog). All good.. but when he is not sleeping – the BITING... everything! And those needle-sharp teeth!
Now I am getting very firm with stopping him biting things he shouldn't (like ME), he is getting the hang of NO and I am trying to get him to understand "Gently"... Does anyone have any tips on teaching pups to be a bit easier to live with at this stage of life? This biting is intense...


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Hi Chiz and welcome! How adorable -- and yes those puppy nips are painful. LOTS of puppy chew toys and redirecting to those is one thing you'll want to do but also the great trainer Dr Ian Dunbar has lots of advice in this book (which years back he made available as a free download to help prevent dogs from ending up in shelters due to behaviour problems). Note the dog in many of the pics is a cavalier puppy!! They do pass through the nip stage fairly quickly but the chewing stage will continue until their jaws fully develop around 12-14 months.

My little loaf.... :luvluv: :paw: I grew up with Hovis bread as a child in the UK. So traditionally British. And Cavaliers are a very traditional British breed. Not many here in South Africa understand what his name means, unless they are Poms like me! But I just love it too!