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How to teach new puppy to not bite on my 11 year old cavachon?

You actually won't really be able to teach her not to -- the options are a mix of management, which means just removing your puppy if and when she gets too bite-y and irritating to your adult, and cheerfully redirecting her to acceptable puppy chews and toys and praise her when her attention shifts to those; and second, understanding that this is normal puppy behaviour (though annoying!) which she should grow beyond as she gets to somewhere between 4-6 months or so, and assessing your adult's response. Usually an adult isn't too bothered by gentler puppy nips, and if they are, will let the puppy know if it is too much -- as long as it's a growl or warning snap without contact, that's fine. It's actually the single best way for puppies too learn bite inhibition as human attempts to teach a pup to inhibit bite will never ever be as successful and clear as an adult or other puppies signalling they are hurt or annoyed and avoiding the puppy for a bit. But of course you need to be sure the puppy is always safe as an adult can seriously hurt a puppy. Management and constant watchfulness is important.

Puppies and adults both need safe and quiet and peaceful places to retreat by themselves. For a puppy, a puppy pen (x-pen) is a good investment as it can be used for years. I'd opt for something at least 2.5 feet high so that it also suits penning an adult. These can fold out to block a doorway too and you can separate the pup in one room and the adult nearby so they see each other but cannot interact. Puppies will need a human to gently scoop them up and remove them from an irritating adult sometimes. I believe you got your girl when she was quite young by necessity, and this can mean it takes longer to learn bite inhibition as they were removed from siblings and mum before they were really old enough to absorb those lessons. Generally even very annoyed adults gradually accept a pup as the pup matures.

Here's a good outline of an excellent approach -- just keep in mind these tips all apply with unwanted attention towards other dogs, too, not just managing nips with people:) !
Thank you sooo much for your advice. My pup when she gets “ rambunctious “,begins to terrorize my adult dog…to the point that she latches on to adult dog’s tail and pulls her across the room! Gracie,,the adult, tolerates a lot but puppy’s teeth are sharp! Although I have had many dogs in my life, I feel at times a little inadequate in controlling Bentley! Will check back with you in a few weeks. Maybe by that time she will have calmed down!!! Thanks again for answering my question.
I think that all sounds pretty normal and Gracie sounds very tolerant -- poor girl being dragged across the room!!! 😄 . If you think Gracie needs bit of a break, just separate as noted. You can generally tell if the adults are getting a bit weary but many quite enjoy all the action!