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Isabelle waiting for results scared!

Pamela Warrington

Active member
Well, we had the Cardiologist look at Isabelle today, the news was not what I had hoped, the MVD was more advanced then orignally thought by my vet. Her Cardiologist was hopeful and did share although Isabelle had advanced with MVD, we were still grateful that she has NO fluid on her lungs, and NO heart failure started. They did up her Enalapril from 5mg half tablet once daily to now twice daily along with Furosemide, which have a call into her seeing as when I went home and read what Furosemide is used for, it does not make sense, since Isabelle has NO fluid nor she is NOT in any heart failure. But she does have some issues with her values. I need to find out the proper terminolgy to describe what is going on with them. I hope God will substain her for many good years, before this terribly diesese takes a toll. I already know my heart will be broken into a zillion pieces if that day comes, but God in his mercy and grace is more than able to help us both through everything. Thanks to everyone who has extended love and showed such true compassion, means more then you'll every know!