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Jasper 21/12/05-28/08/14


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Four years today my Jasper gained his wings less then a week after we found out he had Cushings Disease he didn’t get the chance to start medication when he fell gravely ill with pancreatitis, he spent 2 nights in the emergency vets and 2 nights in his vets, looking back I should have brought him home that last night so he should have come home with us, we had visited him at 6 pm for half hour but I thought see how he goes and give him another chance and pray that he would turn a corner but at 9 pm we had the phone call to say he had passed away, I guess it’s human nature to regret and wish we done things differently. I miss him terribly he was my Velcro dog my soulmate, I would do it all over again in a heartbeat, catching up on the board and reading about all of our precious babies who have also earned their wings I hope they all together at the bridge playing together *ng*l xx
Andrea - it is always difficult to lose one of our beloved dogs and oh, so easy to second-guess our decisions. You did very well by Jasper. (((Hugs)))