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hi everyone my name is Richard and I ave a10 year old ruby cavaliere. she has been and is a wonderful friend. lately, however she is panting, and having trouble with sleep. i believe she is developing signs of heart failure. therefore curiosity about her condition brought me here. i want to read what owners have experienced. rich
Hi Rich and welcome to you and Lexi. Nearly every cavalier will have MVD (mitral valve disease) by age 10. If she is panting, she definitely should see a vet, and/or a cardiologist, as soon as possible as she can receive medications that will support her heart to beat more efficiently and help manage fluid from building up in her chest, which begins to happen once the heart grows less able as the mitral valve becomes less efficient.. A good vet can listen to her heart and gauge the degree of her murmur (generally graded 1 to 5/6) and advise on medications.

Cavalier Matters has excellent and easy to understand info on MVD here: https://www.cavaliermatters.org/unique-hereditary-diseases-index/mvd-heart-disease/ -- be sure to click 'next page' at the bottom as the info continues across more than one page. There's more technical detail on MVD on www.cavalierhealth.org. We have nearly 2 decades of discussion from board members in the SM and MVD forum here too. Some of the health info links are now outdated -- cleaning these up is an ongoing project for me!