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My First week with the humans by Teddy aged 9 and a half weeks.


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The 'mummy one has gone off to watch the 'daddy one' make sunday lunch (she is very lucky), so thought I would have a bash at this, looks easy enough.

So, its the end of my first week with these two. Bit of a shock on Friday last week to leave my sisters, but hey ho - I bet they don't get spoiled as much as me, so alls good.

We had a lovely first weekend, nice food, decent digs, and so many new toys its like christmas. Is this going to happen all the time? and all these new nana's, granddads, auntys and uncles I seem to have, didn't realise I had such a big family that want to visit me all the time. Im fairly sure that I am called Teddy, because everyone keeps saying it. Its either Teddy or 'whats-he-doing-now', but think I prefer Teddy because it doesn't sounds as long.

Im not sure why they keep saying 'outside' 'outside' to me every hour, but I think they want me to go into that weird room with no ceiling, which is a bit damper and colder than everywhere else, but it suits me as I seem to get a rather tasty little treat everytime we do. There are also things called leaves, which I can put in my mouth, and then run around with, its very funny because the humans run after me when I do that, very entertaining. Note to self, do it lots.

They also keep saying 'wee's' and 'poo's' when we are out there too. And a treat for those. I think I have worked out what they want, its not easy because they don't speak dog, but I am sure they will learn eventually, I will just have to train them a bit better.

I have also this week been mostly discovering the underneath of the sofa. Well until Wednesday when the 'daddy one' put some sort of barrier in my way - don't they want me to have fun? And whats this bitter apple stuff - who invented that then and why can't I chew my favourite corner of the rug anymore because of it.

On Thursday they gave me a new collar to play with. Is quite stylish by all accounts, black with gold stars - I may become a fashion diva if I can be bothered. I gave it a big chewing which was fun and hurled it up in the air a few times, but then they stuck it around my neck!!! Whats all that about?. Not happy. I will scratch at it until they are silly enough to take it off again. And they do - result :)

On Friday, they put it back on again. Ok, scratch mode. What? Why aren't you taking it off? Oh come on?? No? Sod.

Its Sunday today evidently (hence the sunday lunch I suppose). Not only do I have this new collar to contend with (and I keep doing a bit of scratching when I remember to but it isn't working anymore) they have attached a bit of a long dangly thing to it, so I have to drag it around with me. I have discovered I can pick it up in my mouth, and walk around a bit easier - at this rate I won't need humans I think.

And all though this, they look at me with stupid grins and go 'oh, isn't he good' Yes. I am, if I want to be. and I know what you are doing too, so don't get too complacent, because I am going to run rings around you very soon.

Oh ho, here she comes again, look busy.... ah no, look asleep, that'll work zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz