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My homemade dog collars

The Pfaff IDT is really, really nice.

Do you know which model Bernina you have? The older ones are highly valued over here, and sell for a very good price at their age.

Her name is Electronic 802, all metal, with all original accessoires. Her age, I think 35 years or older, Roland's mother is dead, I can't ask her.
Those are beautiful!
I too would buy if you ever decided to sell them
Thank you for sharing and well done!
Thank you :hug::hug:
Take a look at my Norweger and Chow Chow harness i sew the last week:






I have a dream to have my own shop. I lost my job in june 2011, this is very hard. I am looking for a new job, but it is not easy in this time.
You're so talentet!!!(y) I love them. :l*v::l*v:

Please make some and sell. I'll never learn how to do that. :cry*ing:
Petra - What beautiful collars and harnesses! The choice of colors and fabrics are wonderful and your workmanship is expert. Really.

I'm so sorry about your job. The economy is bad everywhere. I hope something will work out for you soon.
Gorgeous! You should sell them on Etsy. I've been several things from there before from talented people like yourself
Gorgeous! You should sell them on Etsy. I've been several things from there before from talented people like yourself

Your answer to unemployment is staring you right in the face. Start an ebay store and etsy store i guarantee you that you will soon be making collars full time!

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I agree with everyone here. You have a talent, and it could possibly be the answer to your unemployment. You could be selling these across the world. I think you should make up about 20 different designs and try to get them into a local pet chain store by visiting their corporate offices.

You would surely be able to get an order. Or do you have dog boutiques in Germany? This is a specialty store where they sell exclusive pet products.

You could start with the collars and leashes and then try your hand at crate liners, and pet beds. I see you employing 1/2 dozen people to help you as time goes on.

Truly, think about it. I would rather buy from you then try to make myself. Besides I don't have a sewing machine that would handle that thick fabric.

Look into the Etsy site to sell your stuff.
You really need to sell these. They are so well made and stylish. I agree with others eBay and etsy are both a great way to get started as well as dog boutiques. Good luck.
Sorry to drag up an old thread, but your collars and leads are gorgeous!
Are you selling them online or taking orders by any chance?
The new winter collection :)








I love the Daisy Dots ribbons. Unfortunately, you get it so difficult here in Germany. It is the pink and the beige ribbon, which are still in many other colors.
Absolutely lovely. Are you selling them anywhere online?
Sorry to sound like a broken record, but they are gorgeous!
Petra - those are beautiful, and your workmanship is exquisite. Thank you for sharing the photos of your collars and harnesses.
I have to agree with everyone, they are amazing and all Cavaliers will look stunning in wearing them. Eager to purchase - when they become available online.