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New Cav Family Here


New member

I'm so happy to have found this board!

We are typically a "big dog" family. We are owned by the most wonderful 6yo Old English Sheepdog. But after much research, we added the sweetest little Cavalier boy to our family for our teen daughter, in need of a loyal companion. Oh my word, we are smitten! What a treasure this little guy is and now we can't imagine life without a Cavalier in it.

Looking forward to learning from the veterans here on this board and getting to know you and the other new Cav families through discussion.

Best wishes to all for a happy, healthy new year!

Welcome! We're a big dog home too -- Newfies and Great Pyrenees/Pyrenean Mountain Dogs as well as a German Shepherd in the past! Cavaliers are a great combo with big dogs! :)