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New Ruby Puppy


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Hi ,We pick up our new 8 wk old pure Ruby Puppy on the 20th June 2024.We last had two Cavaliers 29 years ago and are now retired.So looking forward to it and discussing names.
She is a full pedigree from an Assured Breeder.Cant believe how much the price of these puppies has increased.
Any advice on house training etc would be greatly appreciated.
Hi! Aww, congratulations on your new little fuzzball I bet you can't wait! I love the ruby color, hope one day to have one. As for housebreaking, you can use a kennel or crate if you want, but I like the umbilical cord method, keeping her on a lead either tied to you or letting her drag it behind her while she's out of the crate. That way you can have her with you more, and she's not playing keep-away when you want her, which an be super annoying. Feed a few times a day, take Right out, like as soon as she's done eating. Eventually you can sort of time it, does she take 5 minutes or an hour to go after eating? Don't leave food down constantly, that can lead to a lot of extra messes you don't want. I do both; puppy mats, the washable, big pads, and outside, but that's because of my health. I can't always get out when Tracker needs to go and it's not fair for her to wait, she's six months or so. Now comes the fun part, buying toys, choosing a name if you haven't already!! Yeah the prices are nuts! Congratulations on her again, and enjoy the excitement, the countdwn is almost as much fun as the day she comes home!
Welcome and congrats on your incoming arrival! And yes prices for puppies went way up during and after the pandemic and haven't come back down. The UK seems to be particularly expensive. This free download of Dr Ian Dunbar's excellent After You Get Your Puppy is a great place to start. On his website there's also a free download of his Before You Get Your Puppy which would be good to have a look at for ideas on what to do to prepare. You'll find the breed is just as friendly and loving as 29 years ago, I think! :D
We got Parker the 7th of May 2024 . he is a busy guy . he gets the zoomies every day around 5 PM . Id like to get advise on what kind of food to give him its so confusing ??
If he's still a puppy, he should be getting a good quality puppy food. There are quite a lot to choose from! I'd go for something in the medium cost range from a good pet store, not the supermarket. Your vet can likely advise, and any reputable breeder will have many suggestions too. I'd recommend downloading the book above on After You Get Your Puppy, too, which is full of good advice on all things about puppy care and training.
Congrats on your new puppy! Make sure you secure your house properly and make it suitable for your new furry friend. Northern tools helped me make a few adjustments to accommodate the needs of our newest family member. They offer a variety of tools and supplies that can help you puppy-proof your home, ensuring it's safe and comfortable. Whether it’s installing baby gates to keep certain areas off-limits or adding non-slip mats to prevent accidents, Northern Tools has everything you need to create a pet-friendly environment
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