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old girl 15+


New member
Unsure of why i never started a thread off here but hey here goes .


Shes getting on a bit . As you can imagine been on first name terms with the local vets for years but have now given up on taking her after poor advise .
She was born aug 21 2003 so is the ripe of age of knocking the door of 15 1/2 now ! thats what 200 in cav years

Health issue in her frail dotage are ... spines mostly fused together , joints dont do what they are ment . She is mostly deaf ( very selcet when it comes to deafness ) and eyesite is very poor . Bum , sense of smell to hunt out chicken and ability to scav and drive me mental if i go near a biscuit still very much intact and in perfect working order . Over all she stumbles around on the hunt for a fuss or scraps hourly as she has always done . She jumped ( just ) for the first time in a year tonight and came near to running about 6 months ago . She has never been a walker and prefers a radiator or wood burner . She joins us upstairs most mornings but now goes up sideways uncomfortably , i havnt the heart to deny her this but i suspect it will come in the near future. Over all not in bad nick .

She has always suprised the many vets with how good her heart is so she coud be around for a while yet .:)