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Puppy deposit


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Morning all, I have a question. Does the deposit amount for a cavalier puppy reflect the cost of the puppy?(I can adopt now because I'm going to community college for 8 months before going to university in January). I'm asking this because the breeder I looked at is asking for$250 to hold a puppy (as opposed to $500). Should I be worried. She does everything right, I just thought this was odd.Thanks.

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Not really. I mean $250 might seem like too little but.... I wonder what the breeder thinks the difference is between HOLDING and a DEPOSIT? Is it refundable? Have you asked her? Personally I think if you have the "right" breeder I could ask any question and it be ok, even if she finds it a dumb question she should answer it happily. I think its alright for breeders to have different policies based on their own experiences. Do you know the total cost of this breeders pups? Does she have written contracts? Can you see a copy before you buy? There is a little more to a "good" breeder then health testing there is info, policies,....

If you PM me I would be happy to share my thoughts more specifically.

I just put $200 down for a deposit (all the puppies were the same amount). With my breeder, that was to hold the puppy and I pay the total when he's ready to come home. I'm paying $2,300 total. Good breeder, champion sire, all health stuff. I filled out an application before I was allowed to do a deposit. I think that's all normal....
I cant remmeber what olivers deposit was (but there was one) My dad took it up after oliver was born (breeder was 1.5 hours away) and he took hte first few photos of him in the breeders hands.. (CRAP photos back then)

Maggie didn't require a deposit..though i was promised a puppy.
Dad and i went on a daytrip over to hte mainland and visited when she was a week old (at this point i thought i was getting a puppy from a different litter..)but i took lots of photos of all the puppies.

I paid in full the day maggie chose me and i took her home :D
When I bought Luke, I paid a deposit of $500 (total price $2500, and he is 5) when I went to meet him and decided I was taking him. I see his breeder now takes an $1800 deposit according to her current policy listed on her website, refundable up to 2 weeks. After that it is refundable except $250. You make another payment at 6 weeks, and pay the remaining upon pickup. I'm not sure what those payments are, but I think she currently charges $2600.
I don't think you can judge a good breeder by deposit cost or overall cost as a main cause of concern (unless the total cost of the Cavalier is drastically below the norm). To me you would want a breeder who is open and honest, you can look up all the health testing for both the stud and mom and the breeder is actively well respected within the showing community I would start there. My new cavalier's total cost was on the higher end of the range and no deposit or formal application was required prior to that but the breeder and I spent hours getting to know each other before she even considered adding me to her interest list then I waited and waited. I think one thing that sets my breeder apart in terms of not requiring a formal deposit / application is she can learn more about me by spending hours on the phone or chatting in person (with me and my daughter) then she would get from a piece of paper I fill out and she will turn people away. Also she does not have a shortage of interested buyers her interest list is always longer than what she can offer and I know while I would be happy to give her a deposit it does show me she is not invested in Cavaliers with money as a priority and her not requiring a deposit also means she can change her mind and keep the pup or allow a different family to take it if for some reason along the way she feels a prospective family is not a right fit for one of her cavaliers ---- so the deposit no matter how larger or small actually protects the buyer (in that it means the breeder is committed to you) as much if not more than the breeder (to whom the deposit shows your commitment to purchase).