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Spangly - Christine Wood


I'm sorry to be sharing sad news - some of you will remember dear Christine, forum name Spangly, whom was loved by two Blenheim Cavaliers - first Poppy and then Spangle.

Sadly Christine passed away on 8th June, after many years of managing considerable health difficulties.

Christine was an incredibly talented crafter and made many lovely things over the years; she used to have regular craft stalls and raised money for Cavalier Matters and various Cavalier Rescues too.

Christine's very-much-loved and sadly missed, Spangle


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I am so saddened to hear this. 😟 Many longtime CT board members and visitors will remember Christine. She was one of our longtime, early and active members. She was a great lover of cavaliers and did so much to support dogs in rescue and breed health research over her life. I know she had struggled with several health issues over the past years. :( I will always think of her happy presence, cheerfully joining in on so many board discussions and debates.