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Surgery day + 4 days


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Obviously you can’t count on constant progress. This night was a bit more disturbed than yesterday. Both Molly and Éowyn complained several times during the night about their accommodation in the crate, and Éowyn still had some pain.

At 6.30 a.m. they got breakfast and medication, and Éowyn pooped, while she yelped a lot. Molly did her business, too, but much more dignified. The consistence is now back to normal for both, and Molly is now as clockwork again, like before the surgery. With her, it just seems a matter of cleaning the wounds and preventing her to sit and scoot over the floor, before she is cured – and she had the roughest ordeal.

Éowyn yelps a lot, and she sort of bends towards her behind but is prevented by the cone. She prefers to be carried at the moment, and she doesn’t come voluntarily, when I stand at the door and say “out for a walk?” Before she used to be the first dog springing towards me, now it’s Molly. It’s also Molly that follows me around the house, now. If Éowyn decides to sit, she stays there, no matter where we are in the house. I miss her normal activity level.
We have been out for very short walks (300 metres), but it is still freezing. This morning we woke to -18⁰C/-2⁰F, and we haven’t been above 0 the last week. It seems that the whole of the European continent is affected by the cold weather, and it will last for a while.

One big step of progress is that Molly didn’t drop poo from their behind today. I didn’t expect that to stop so quickly, but that’s partly due to the surgery technique. The vet told me that yesterday, when I said that it had almost stopped. Éowyn still does a bit of poo dropping, a couple of times yesterday and this evening, when she got stressed out after pooping. I was just about to write that it went moderately well, but right now we have just spent one hour on her. Don’t get me wrong here, I love my two fur-girls, and it pains me to see them in pain.

Every 12 hours they get their antibiotics, and at 6 p.m. it was time again. As mentioned before I mix it up in A38 (a kind of low-fat sour cream), and they happily eat it. Molly ate and went out without problems, but Éowyn turned her head and refused to eat. That’s a new thing. She had NEVER refused to eat! So I tried to mix a few crushed pills from her daily diet into it, and that helped. Then we got out, and it started well. For the first time she GROWLED instead of HOWLED, when she tried to poop. That’s good! She “normally” growls when she poops, if she has felt constipated; it’s like she is scolding her behind! But halfway through she started yelping again.

Afterwards I cleaned her, and that was not a good experience for her. She managed, though, and I put ointment on her. But on her way into the living room she sat down a couple of times. We decided to take the daily “butt photography”, but she had accidentally made mess on her way into the living room. Back to the bathroom, but this time the poo just kept coming in small pieces, and she howled so loudly, that no matter how calm and collected I was, she was impossible to hold still. Every time I thought I had cleaned her thoroughly, she pooped a little again. Finally I got to the ointment – again – and then she pooped again. I decided to call in the cavalry: Christian to the rescue. Now he held her, while I cleaned her. Third time ointment, and then we could go to the living room, where she sought refuge in the crate.

Poor, poor Éowyn. After a while she got out, but she was stressed and breathed heavily. Christian sat by her, and Molly circled around them trying to comfort. Then Christian suggested that I got them each an ice cube, and it was a miracle cure. He said that when Éowyn heard the ice cube machine, she stopped shaking and turned her head towards the door. Hooray for ice cubes! She is now lying next to me and Molly, and I hope that was drama enough for today.

Molly is relaxing.

Molly at day 4.

Éowyn is not a happy warrior princess.

Éowyn at day 4. I’m sorry, it’s grosser than normally, but she was difficult to clean and hold still.