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Surgery day + 6 days


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Molly and Éowyn are getting restless and are looking out through the window, begging to come out into the garden filled with snow. Obviously that is impossible. Short trips in a leash only, no matter how much they want to go out. Still it’s freezing, today it’s -10⁰C (14⁰F) – at noon. It’s so cold that both dogs start lifting their front paws and want to go inside after just a few minutes, so it isn’t even tempting to take them for a walk.

This night was all right. Éowyn didn’t have any pain, and they relatively easy settled in, despite their need to take turns to tell me that they would rather sleep in my bed! When the alarm clock rang at 6.20 a.m., I prepared their breakfast and medicine, and we went out. For the first time, Éowyn didn’t yelp or howl with pain while pooping, and she was much easier to clean. Molly was just a star and did everything she should, like the other days.

The morning went quiet, even though their energy level is rising. That is the next challenge. They are not dropping poo anymore (GOOD!), but I still have to prevent them from scooting over the floor and the carpet in the living room. At this point their stitches must be itching a lot.

They still get antibiotics twice a day and painkillers in the morning. The painkillers are helping to prevent the itching, and I will continue with them, until they stop making sudden moves towards their behind or try to scoot over the floor because it hurts or it is itching.

One of our neighbours came over for a cup of tea at 10 a.m. I let Molly and Éowyn into the small crate in the living room; that way they could be close to us and see us, but they were prevented to climb the sofa or jump from excitement. That worked well. Of course they tried to appeal to our sympathy, but after a while they were just sleeping.

Éowyn and Molly have been much more energetic today, and it’s actually nice that they almost are back to their naughty selves. The outdoor business still requires cleaning, but the wounds are dryer and paler; and I have cut Éowyns ointment down from 3 to 2 times today. Tomorrow 1, if necessary at all. She is much less swollen and inflammatory now.

I still wash and clean their behinds, but it is getting easier. They are not poo-dropping anymore, and unless they have managed a short scoot after pooping when they get inside (it is almost impossible to avoid entirely), their tails and legs are no longer smothered in poo as was the case the first days. (Sorry about the details!)

The challenge before stich removal on Friday will be to keep them still and prevent them from “play fighting” and chasing each other too vigorously around the house. This will probably be hard, since they miss activity now.

This is why we call Éowyn “Hendes Lækkerhed” (Her Deliciousness)

Molly relaxing – as long as her behind rests softly, everything is fine.

Molly at day 6. She still looks fine.

Éowyn day 6. Compared to day 4 this is huge progress.
Gosh, things seem to be going well now, I'm so pleased the girls have coped with everything. Well done to you both too as it isn't an easy thing to handle with one dog never mind too!
They are really beautiful too!
Gosh, things seem to be going well now, I'm so pleased the girls have coped with everything. Well done to you both too as it isn't an easy thing to handle with one dog never mind two!
They are really beautiful too!
Thanks, Christine. Well, I couldn't have handled it with two dogs if I hadn't taken time off from work. Just this morning it took 45 minutes to do the morning routine; before their surgery it took 10 minutes. On the other hand I wouldn't have chosen to split them, i.e. getting one dog operated first, then wait a while with the other. It's easier to handle, when they are both tired and recovering. It's also nice to see that healing is progressing now.