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Two Found Cavaliers


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There was this story on the King Charles Cavalier facebook page, which I thought I would share since a lot of people here are from the UK;

This is the original post;
This is the original post with both photo's added!
Please share this one. Surely someone, somewhere, is missing these two girls!
2 female cavaliers were collected last night under very suspicious circumstances.
Both are Blenheim in colour both adult one approx 7-8yrs the other approx 3yrs - maybe mother and daughter?
The older one has an umbilical hernia. Both are in good condition apart from being dirty.
The suspicious circumstances are as follows:
A dog groomer in a neighbouring town (different County) had 2 men enter her shop last night just at closing time and asked if she would bath 2 dogs. They said they had just bought them from Gumtree for £600 but wanted them bathed as they were being given as a present to a relative. They said they were 13 months old. The groomer said ok and they brought the dogs into her. Both dogs were nervous/frightened and huddled together. The groomer looked them over and told the men they were nowhere near 13 months old, she said it looked like one had had dental treatment, and she thought they had been groomed in the last 8-10 weeks. The men asked her if she could tell if they were neutered by their teats, she said no. They then told her not to worry about the bath, they werent happy they were older and said they were going to take them back to the vendor so they picked up the dogs and left. She was suspicious so posted on facebook about it.
30 mins later I got a call saying 2 cavaliers had been found huddled together down by the canal at Rickmansworth. I went to collect them and it was these 2 girls. I have them now. I have spoken to the groomer so the story above is accurate.
If you paid £600 for 2 dogs you would not dump them would you? I am concerned they may have been stolen but from where and when I have no idea, but its worth a try.
Thanks very much
Debbie Sandling
Animal Control Enforcement Officer
Three Rivers District Council.
[email protected] .uk

and a link; https://www.facebook.com/hazel.edwards.902/posts/10205838847109523

Hope these dogs find there owner.