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If you like or own cavaliers, or just want to learn more about them, you are very welcome to Cavalier Talk. The Cavalier Talk board was set up in March 2005, and is run by me -- Karlin Lillington -- a (multiple) cavalier owner over the past 20 years. I also ran a cavalier breed rescue for many years.

This board is your community. You can post a little or a lot, or not at all, whatever pleases you. You cannot post however unless you register, and by registering, you acknowledge that 1) the final determination of appropriateness of board behaviour or a given post is up to the Admin (meaning me) and/or moderators. If you (whether a member of the board or not) wish to crosspost or forward a post, please follow generally accepted netiquette, and ask the poster's permission. Images posted by users of their dogs belong and are copyrighted to them and you may not take or reuse someone else's images, please, unless you have received permission from the original poster.

A few community pointers:

1) The board has an open atmosphere and most topics are considered acceptable, as are disagreements between members and debates. Everyone -- including Admin and moderators -- is entitled to his/her own opinion -- within some constraints.

2) While a large degree of latitude is allowed for personal styles of expression, personal attacks, namecalling, and disparagement directed at other board members -- singly or collectively -- is not acceptable. This includes sending offensive PMs to board members, or email through the board that I consider to be offensive or overly distressing to the recipient. Let me know if you feel you are being harassed or bullied.

3) No spamming/adverts, via posts or through PMs. I have very tight controls on the board that make it difficult for spammers to register in the first place, but please notify me or a moderator immediately if you are spammed or see spam messages.

4) No critical discussions of individual breeders please. It is also not acceptable to name individuals or kennels that you believe may be operating puppy mills/puppy farms or backyard breeders, as loathsome as such people may be. This is not because I believe such topics should be censored, but because the legal climate in which boards operate remains murky, and libel and defamation law varies hugely between jurisdictions (meaning between nations and even US states). I am not giving such people the chance to close down a board or go after the board community. You are welcome to take such discussions off the board. General discussions about what makes breeders good and bad, puppy mills/farms, and regulation or the lack of it is fine.

5) Puppies or adult dogs may NOT be offered for sale. I don't allow litters to be advertised here. Posting rescue dogs needing homes is fine :).

6) Please don't ask for advice on breeding pet cavaliers, or post to advertise or seek stud dogs. This is a breed with some serious health issues, and amateur breeding, or disinterested breeding by show breeders, will only make this worse. Questions or discussions about general breeding issues, or to ask where to go for mentorship and expert support, are fine.

8) And finally... my disclaimer: This board, the board owner and individuals who post cannot be held liable for advice offered and followed here. Individuals using the board do so understanding that any behaviour, diet or health issue should be assessed by a trained behaviouralist or a veterinarian before following advice given by non-professionals. Advice offered here is the opinion of the poster and not a substitute for professional advice.

Happy posting!
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