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Where is Everyone?


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When I joined the board, many years ago, it was quite active. What happened? I have been visiting CavTalk a lot, recently, and noticed that the board has grown rather quiet. I usually go on line, during my lunch break, at work, and log on as a guest. Perhaps a lot of users are doing the same thing. (I don't have my password info "saved" on my work PC, so that is why I have to go in as a guest.) Anyway, this board is such a great place to visit and is a wealth of information for our beloved little dog. I hope all is going well for everyone and wish you all a great spring!
Sad it is, I too miss the cavalier boards...now I think that FB has taken over. I think it is our loss as we will miss valuable in site for the answers to special problems that may be asked.:(
I was only emailing another board member the other day and we commented on how quiet it has got recently !!

I said the same as Chuck....Facebook is probably the reason. I too think its a crying shame...
When Leo developed MVD I found so much support, advice and information...and when my boy finally succumbed to this terrible disease I gained so much support and kind words from Board members it really helped.

Lets hope people read this and get the messages going again
It isn't just this community which has suffered but virtually everywhere else too. I find it very sad. I'm trying a new subject out to see if it invokes any interest.
I too miss everyone and the constant support of this board. I joined when Sydney was first diagnosed with MVD. I was scared and confused and found information, love and support here. All of the dogs here became my dogs in my heart. There are some older or sick dogs that I worry about and wish to know how they are. I don't know how to bring the members back.
I'm still around though I wasn't one of the most active users even when I was on the board all the time around 2011-2012. My Blenheim girl is now 5 and healthier than ever. My vet heard a very slight murmur way back when she was only a year old, and it has not progressed in anyway since then. New vets have told me they probably wouldn't notice it if I hadn't told them to listen for it. It's barely at grade 1. Funny how that works. I assumed all my careful research and planning had gone out the window and that it was going to be a death sentence for her. Go figure...

I just got another girl, a Tri. I'll tell you I forgot about how nerve wracking it is having a Cavalier puppy. Particularly the first 2 years of looking out for all the conditions these dogs can develop. I said I wouldn't get another one, now I'm saying this one will be my last, we'll see...

; )

Here's a link to a recent picture of all of us. We live in California now.

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I was particularly worried about Syringomyelia after we had Charlie for a few years. But, he lived a great life and only had health issues when he got older (none of them SM related). We gave him joint supplements starting around age 8 (which helped him tremendously). At approximately 11 1/2, he developed dry eye, which required a regular dose of (very expensive) eye drops. And, two weeks shy of his 13th birthday, he passed away (heart related). We miss the little guy dearly. Cavaliers are such a wonderful, sweet breed. We will be getting another puppy (from Virginia), near the end of summer. Hopefully, he/she will be as sweet as his "older brother".
BTY, your girls are beautiful! Your Blenheim and our Charlie McFarlie could have been brother and sister they look so much alike!
Hi! Thanks so much! I worked with Judy Lyons (PA) the first time around and then recently with Cindy Torgersen of Krystle Cavaliers (VA). She's fabulous--both women are.
Here is my favorite picture of Charlie McFarlie, with his sister Shadow. My apologies for showing this one so many times.
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We are working with a breeder I found listed in the CKCSC. I am very impressed with her knowledge, love and care of her Cavaliers. She provides the health screenings and, something that is important to me, she keeps her pups until 12 weeks, to give them time with their mom and siblings. Charlie came to us as a young puppy from a friend that could not keep him. He was a pet shop / puppy mill guy, and was torn away from his family way too early. It is sickening to me how someone can do that to a puppy.
We gave him joint supplements starting around age 8 (which helped him tremendously).

Which joint supplements did you give him? Our Sophie is 7 1/2 yrs old and sometimes looks a bit arthritic when she is getting up off the floor.
We gave him Cosequin DS. I got them on Amazon in a 250 count bottle. They are chewable and Charlie loved them. He thought he was getting a treat everytime we gave him one. :) We noticed a big difference about a week after he started taking them.
I'm sorry the board has gone quiet. I try to keep an eye out for anyone needing help - sadly, I am quite knowledgeable about MVD, CM/SM, dry eye, myoclonus and degenerative myelopathy! And if I can't help, I can at least make sure that their posts aren't entirely ignored. I know some of the other 'old hands' try to do the same. Most of the newcomers arrive because the board offers help and information on MVD and CM/SM, and I know Karlin is planning an update of the information on these. As people have said, there are a lot of FB pages providing similar support and information, so is there still a place for a board such as this? What do you think? What, for you, makes Cavalier Talk special?

Kate and Ruby
I find this place very special.....I have gained not only a great deal of info but tremendous support through a very very difficult time.
I have also gained friends. I met someone on this board years ago who just happened to live fairly near me. We get together for lunch and dog walks, When I lost Leo she contacted me immediately, the day after I lost him I went to hers for lunch, cried my eyes out with someone who completely understood and got the most fantastic cuddles from her two cavs.

I am also in contact with a board member ive never met but we have a lot in common regarding our dogs and have given each other support.....with out this board I wouldn't have met or gained all this...

I'm not on facebook or twitter or any social media sites so rely on boards like this...

Mel x
"so is there still a place for a board such as this? What do you think?"

Absolutely! This place is great and offers information you cannot find, at a single location, anywhere else.
It would be tragic if we didn't have CT as a source of information and place to meet fellow Cavalier lovers.
Facebook has devastated a lot of boards -- unfortunate really, as it is such an utterly pointless way of having continuous and longer term, important discussions, and the post archiving is pretty useless too. Everything is there for a day and then gone off the timeline under new posts and thus, discussions on important issues -- like health problems -- become terrible repetitive. Always having to repeat the same information, no easy way to refer to the previous similar post made only days earlier :( . You always are forgetting who is who, who owns which dog(s), what the possible health issues are for that dog... no focused profiles (on say just our dogs...), no really meaningful post history etc on Facebook.

That said: I have a full new CKCS.com website being worked on by a web developer friend (as I just do not have the skills to do it and have been sitting on it for a couple of years now...) and the board will be refreshed with a new design and software (retaining all our archives) and be a part of CKCS.com. So I hope that will make the board even more useful and attractive to people! Really, boards depend on their communities to stay vibrant. It is a phenomenon for all boards to be challenged by the dominance of Facebook, where posting is easy and fast. Board software programmes have been slow to respond with some features I'd like to see. Meanwhile -- the new board version will have more extensive photo galleries for people for example, and good integration with social media etc.

The board actually does get a lot of visitors daily for the archive posts by people seeking information on the breed, but far fewer visits and posts from actual members. I hope the coming changes will be exciting for people and also will be back to ask what members here would like to see. :D It is my summer project to get it done and I have some lovely logos being designed for the board and the website as we speak. I'll reveal more as things progress!
Glad to hear this Karlin. I miss our little group, and like you said, FB moves to fast to keep up with. Forget about trying to find a previous post!
I to found Cavalier Talk special with lovely people who would respond if you had problems and also to share good news, pictures etc of your dogs, there was a lot of advice and support when I had Jasper with his MVD and sadly when I lost him. I did join Facebook earlier this year and do belong to a couple of groups but don't feel it offers the same support as on here as posts soon disappear as there is obviously no continuation on anything, it has its place, but just not the same as on here.
That's great new Karlin,
Even though I don't own a dog at present I still pop back to see what everyone's up to......I hope a "New look" board gets things going again