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11 puppy litter!


New member
My beautiful Ruby girl had 11 puppies over the weekend - over 10.5 hours between the first and last, but she pulled through without any difficulties - and all puppies are doing well.

Currently needing to hand feed some of the pups to help out mum - but she's absolutely amazing and looks after them well. Even rushes back from going to the bathroom so that they're not on their own too long!

Photos here :)

Hi and welcome to the forum. We always enjoy puppy pictures! :) However; we don't support breeder and personal breeding discussions here I am afraid, because the breed is in such an alarming situation now with inherited heath issues like MVD and CM/SM and sadly, too few breeders do the needed health tests before breeding or follow the health protocols that could help reduce the very high incidence of these conditions in offspring.

We love responsible breeders, but absolutely don't wish to support irresponsible breeding. Because it is too difficult for admins and moderators to check whether people breeding have done the proper tests: properly MRId both breeding dogs, cardiologist (not just vet) tested hearts within the last year, followed both the MVD and CM/SM breeding protocols, waited til the parents are at least 2.5 years old, done the genetic test for EFS and had eyes and patellas checked, etc, we decided some time ago, with agreement from board members, not to allow breeding discussions or further breeder-posted images of puppies (nor post puppies for sale).

See www.cavalierheath.org for the outline of what breeders should be doing before breeding -- though I know if you are a responsible breeder and care about both the future of these individual puppies, and of the breed itself, you will be very well familiar with these tests and these protocols. :) But for those who might read the thread and not be familiar, I hope more breeders and pet owners can become aware -- not least so puppy buyers know what to ask every breeder about before considering a puppy purchase.

Puppy buyers can also see in simple terms, what to ask about, and expect a responsible and caring breeder to produce in terms of test documentation and protocols, here:


Best of luck with these puppies and you are more than welcome to stay on the board to discuss cavaliers, health issues, training, care etc. But I'm afraid the topic of the puppies themselves belongs on one of the cavalier breeder discussion boards; there are a few of those.

There's more information on why this policy is in place on the Getting Started section of the forum, which we encourage all newcomers to read to get a sense of the board and its focus :D.