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Accident After None for Six Months!


New member
Our 15 month old Blenheim Cavalier was potty trained - or so we thought. He had not had an accident for six months and then today he pooped about twelve feet from the door where we take him outside to go potty. He had to have done it during a three minute timeframe when he was not by my side. I did not find it until at least two hours later, when I went to take him outside to pee. This is only the second time he has ever pooped inside - the first time was when he was maybe four months old and we caught him in the act. All of his accidents have been with peeing and, as I said, there hasn't been an accident for six months. And I was just thinking the other day that we could consider him potty trained. I am just so frustrated right now!!! Any insight is so very appreciated :)
It happened again today. I had taken him out an hour prior and he had peed. I was in the kitchen and he pooped in the living room, about 15 feet away from where I was. I just cannot figure out what is going on. My husband and I have racked our brains and cannot think of one thing that has changed. He is acting normal otherwise and was just at the vet two days ago for his annual visit. The stool is still formed; not diarrhea or abnormal in any way. Does anyone have any advice for me? I know we need to go back to keeping a close eye on him but I really don't know if that will solve the problem. Because the problem is not that he doesn't know he is supposed to go outside - he had been going outside for six months without an accident. I just don't know what the problem is so that I can fix it.
Hi Scarlatina, are you still seeing this problem? I don't really have an answer, only to tell you that my dog also surprised me with sudden accidents after being accident-free for months. She was a similar age. Her bathroom timing suddenly changed so she would have to go out immediately after eating or she would have an accident. We had to start her toilet training all over again. She is now almost 18 months and isn't having that problem, so maybe your dog has a temporary issue. Good luck!