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Baby Hovis


New member
Hovis joined my little family of one a week and a half ago at 10 weeks old. Now the family numbers two.. my new, long-awaited Bestie !

i just taught him to Sit using treats, now he is spending his time sitting in front of me and looking disappointed.. and when I was teaching him to walk on the lead today and tempting him along with tiny treats, he just kept sitting! :rolleyes: ... Have to laugh, is it intelligence or sheer piggyness?:b*rk: We'll get there eventually!

HOVIS 11 wks.webp
Hovis coming along so well, 13 weeks today, learning lots – I think he's quite a bright little spark, teething like mad, mostly house trained now, only the odd woopsie if I don't keep an eye on him. Learning to walk on lead very well. Favourite occupations: food, emptying cupboards, pulling towels off their rails and unravelling loo rolls. Oh, and murdering his giant Teddy. did i mention food? 😄😄😄

We are supposed to be going to his first puppy socialisation class today.. but it is pouring down, not looking very promising.

Next Friday we drive from Uvongo on the south Kwazulu-Natal coast (South Africa) up to Durban to meet his breeder Karen Lange of Jarokay Cavaliers. We can watch his relatives in the show ring and he can get used to the sights and sounds.. as he will will hopefully be making his own show debut once he is old enough. Daddy is a Grand Champion and Mum a Champion, so he has hopefully inherited their super genes! And all the Jarokay Cavvies are mega health-tested at least three generations back, to ensure safest bloodlines.. so he has the best chance of living a long, healthy, problem-free life. That, for me, was top priority, as puppy farming and careless breeding has created the most awful inherited health problems in this breed – syringomyelia (horrific) and heart problems plus plus.... so it is worth paying top dollar for a puppy from a breeder who really puts the health of her Cavvies first. I used to show Boxers, which have been my breed of choice for 35 years, so the toy breed ring will be a very different experience for me.. both Hovis and I have a lot to learn! A bit scary, but exciting!

Hovis13 weeks.webp