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Belstonbell Amber ByFloSin 31.10.2008 - 14.6.2018


Well-known member

R.I.P. sweet little Holly Poppet, Princess of this house. You went for your afternoon nap and never woke up.

You were so beautiful inside and out, radiating happiness and your loving nature wherever you went and giving your heart to everyone you met.

Have fun across the Rainbow Bridge sweet girl, knowing how much you have been loved and will be missed by so many.

Until we meet again

Your loving boys, Winston Alexander and Little Joe and Mum Flo who can't sleep without you
Warmest wishes
So sorry you've lost Holly Poppet, Flo. These Cavaliers do twist their little paws round our hearts, but you will have some lovley memories of her.

Thinking of you

Kate and Ruby