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Chicken Soup for the Soul food questions

So I've got several questions and I'm not sure if it'd be better to start separate threads for each one or lump them all here?

For reference, Lucky is almost 8 months old and 11.5 pounds. When we got him at 25 weeks, he already had all his adult teeth and was 10lbs. I have noticed his tail and paws are beginning to get longer fur. We had him neutered 2 weeks ago when we started to notice pubescent behavior. So all that being said, from my research I'm guessing he's a little bit of an early bloomer?

Firstly, regarding dog food. We are feeding Lucky Chicken Soup for the Soul dry puppy food. From other threads here, I saw where people often recommended feeding less than is recommended on food labels. But I worry about underfeeding Lucky, too. I don't want to leave him hungry all the time! That being said, the food bag recommends roughly between 1 cup to 1-3/4 depending, for his age and weight. We've been feeding him about 2/3 a cup, twice a day - so he's getting 1-1/3 cups total daily. Does that sound like too much?

He usually eats all of it but he almost never rushes straight to the bowl to eat at meal times - he likes to run around for a while and then eat and we always put away whatever he doesn't eat after 30 minutes.

Should we wait until after he hits 12 months to switch him to their Adult Dog, Small Bites formula?
Are there daily calorie recommendations for Cavaliers to go off of, rather than the weight/age recommendations?
As I understand it, puppy food has a higher fat content than adult dog food. I think it is fine to switch to regular food at 8 months.

My ckc will be 3 in August. I feed Bosco roughly 2/3 cup kibble per day with a little wet food mixed in. He weighs about 18 lbs, which is where he should be (he is a big ckc). He was creeping towards 20 lbs at 1 cup per day, so I slowly cut him back. He has knee problems, so weight management is an issue.

I think it depends on your dogs activity level. Bosco is not exactly energetic! He plays with my other two dogs and goes for a few walks every day. It seems like I feed him a little amount of food, but the portion control is keeping his weight steady. I think most dogs will always act as though they are hungry and will be looking for extra treats during the day, so don't let Lucky fool you into over-feeding him.
The breeders I got Bella and Milo from never gave them puppy kibble. As soon as they were able to chew, they got adult food. I give them a 1/4 cup for breakfast with a teaspoon of Greek yogurt, and a 1/4 cup for dinner with steamed chicken. They get a doggie biscuit at lunch time. Treats are a few pieces of kibble, baby carrots, green beans, tomato. My vet agrees with my food choices for them and says they are both at a perfect weight.

Generally speaking, the recommended amounts on the food bags are higher than needed. Just keep an eye on his weight as each dog has a different matabolism and exercise level. That said, puppies usually do need more food than adult dogs.