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Considering Starting Raw Diet

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Hi all,
Considering starting a raw diet. Looking at commercially prepared raw frozen or freeze dried.

There’s so much info out there it’s a bit overwhelming.
But if this is so much better than dry kibble I’m willing to dive in.

Anyone experienced with this and willing to point me in the right direction?

My Lexi baby is 10 this year and looking to give her the best quality I can.
We currently feed Wellness Core Grain Free

I was looking on foodadvisor website for a launching point.

I know there’s a big divide on this topic...


Our Sophie has lots of food allergies. Even the premixed frozen commercial raw diets were giving her problems --- too many ingredients to figure out to what she was allergic.

We've used Oma's Pride http://omaspride.com for over eight years because there are so few ingredients and she is thriving on it. Fortunately for us, we have a local vendor of Oma's Pride. I would order it online, though, if I had to.

We supplement with https://b-naturals.com/by-type-c-22...nd-vitamins-for-dogs-1-lb-p-115.html?cPath=29. Once, I ran out of it and used a supplement from the big box chain stores and she got a UTI. Sophie had lots of UTIs before we put her on this vitamin, so it has something in it that she needs.As long as we use it, she is fine.
If Lexi has been doing OK on the grain-free food you have been giving her, I'm puzzled why you would want to make a major change in her diet at her age? Leaving aside the pros and cons of raw or dry feeding (a minefield!), if a food has been keeping a dog healthy, energetic, and alert for years, then that is a good food as far as I'm concerned, whether it's dry or raw.(y)

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I love Oma's Pride. The owner is awesome. I have been raw feeding for years, please feel free to pick my brain. My Standard Poodle is going on 15 years raw fed. <3