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Constant runny nose


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Hi Cavalier Peeps! :)

My Chloe has chronic runny nose, with clear water-like discharge. When we asked our vet about it at the last appointment, her chest was clear, but she was stuffed up in her nose area (no draining from eyes to nose), so she received some medicine. It did not help, so we switched to Benadryl.

I don't want to have her constantly on antibiotics or medication, so hesitant to ask the vet (who *will* find something to give her, I'm sure). I just don't know if this is allergies or what.

If anyone has any insight or natural suggestions to help her, I'd appreciate it. Chloe acts normally -- she just has a little bit of a runny nose all the time, and the bridge of her nose stays a little dry.

Chloe's Mom.
Hi Chloe's Mum

My reliable veterinary book says 'Some dogs have naturally drippy noses. Drip without sneezing, particularly if the fluid is clear and watery, usually occurs when the individual is nervous or excited but may also occur even when a dog is asleep. This drip is a normal condition, not a problem.' He also says a more serious drip would usually be accompanied by sneezing, and notes that it can be caused by allergies, for which the treatment is antihistamine drugs - perhaps leave Chloe's drip untreated for a bit longer, she may grow out of it, and after that think about allergies?? It could be that she is sensitive to dust getting up her nose and the drip is getting rid of it - rather as some Cavaliers have a constant slight clear eye discharge to get rid of dust - so Chloe may improve as she grows taller and not so near the dust!

All the best

Kate and Ruby