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Daffy in Heart failure


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Dear All

I haven't posted here for a while . Sorry about this .
I am sad to say Daffy is now in the final stage of heart failure and he is on 3 medication per day, He had sm for 5 years . Thankfully his sm symptoms has been mild and well managed with medications. My poor boy has been through so much recently as we has a scare over a tumour under his tongue which mercifully turn out to be benign.
His Vet has given him 2 months approximately maybe less, as his PropBNP reading is very high . I wonder anyone has similar experience and can tell me their experience.
I'm very sorry to hear about Daffy. The final days are the hardest thing about being a pet owner. So very, very difficult. He has a kind and loving Mom and knows he is in good hands. I hope he isn't in too much pain and I hope he has had many good years with his loving family.
I have been through this with three out of the six Cavaliers I have owned over 30 years, and it is so stressful, knowing that there is nothing more you can do to help your dog. Aled went into heart failure in July of 2014, with both valves completely useless. But he lived a quiet but I hope enjoyable life for another 7 months, before his heart collapsed completely in February 2015. Cavaliers have a huge enjoyment of life and don't give it up easily! One of the few pluses of MVD is that it becomes crystal clear when the end of the road has been reached - no wondering whether it is the right time for the last visit to the vet, or should we leave it a few more days - the dog usually gives you a look which says so clearly 'I can't go on, help me.' It is tough for the dogs, and I get angry that the disease is still so common, when it could have been bred out of the breed years ago if breeders had bothered to do it. But it is also tough for the owner, so be gentle with yourself, have a few little treats, and just love Daffy as you accompany him on his journey.

I've messaged you about something.

Thinking of you :hug:

Kate and Ruby
I'm so sorry to read about Daffy. Sadly Ive been there too with my boy Leo. Each dog reacts very different with the meds but Leo was on Vetmedin for 2 years and they were good quality years too.

Its just breaks your heart to see them suffering.
Take care and hug Daffy as much as you can
So sorry you are going through this with Daffy. I have been through this with DJ who went downhill very quickly sadly.
Pippin also has MVD and CHF but has been doing well on medication for a few years now, although lately he has deteriorated.
Take care of yourself and Daffy and enjoy the time you have left with him. It is so hard to see them so ill.
Sending gentle hugs to you and Daffy x
I'm so sorry about Daffy and really echo what others have said (and so agree with all of Kate's excellent points!).

One thing I have learned, having lost several now to MVD, is that it is really difficult to make an accurate prediction of how long they have. My vets all agree -- sometimes the worst-seeming dogs just keep carrying on, while a mildly affected dog can go downhill quickly. Medications can produce some surprising results. I've had dogs seemingly on the very edge go on for months and even in one case, years.

At the very least, the meds will help make Daffy more comfortable and do keep in mind that they can be upped at any sign that his current regime is not adequate -- this is especially true of diuretics like frusemide, and often more than one diuretic also really helps (eg spiranolactone alongside frusemide). I've used three diuretics at once with a dog (Lucy) who lasted many, many months after some initial collapsing episodes.

Please let us know how he does and bring any questions here that you'd like, of course. :) Thinking of you and Daffy.
I am thankful we can share our experience here and one isn't alone.Daffy seem more comfortable with an increase diuretic pill but still pants a lot at odd days. I do pray he can last 6 or more months.
I wonder if it is worth seeing a cardiologist at this stage, the problem is the travelling 50 mins to/fro could stress his heart further. difficult decision.
I've just been writing to someone else whose Cavalier is in heart failure, which reminded me to ask how Daffy is doing? Please give us an update if you can - you know that there are many people on this forum who have shared your experience and care about you and your little dog.


Kate and Ruby