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Elderly Cavaliers


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I dont know whether this will be of a wee bit of interest or not ,but my hobby over the years has been collecting the ages of Long Lived Cavaliers .Here are some that are in Annabel's Pedigree back-ground
Ch Cherokee of Rossbonny was fit and well at 12
Ch Homaranne Caption 15
Aust Ch Homerbrent Henry 16
Ch Bredonvale Bernard 12 ,his litter sister Ch Bredonvale Mirabelle 16
Homerbrent Nolana 14
Kindrum Roulette 14
Ch Rosemullion of Ottermouth 13
Ch Vairire Osiris 13
Rosette of Ottermouth 13
Ch Homaranne Andy Capp 12
Ch Vairire Charmaine of Crisdig 15
Bonnyglen Jasper of Blagreaves 14
Ditchmere Bonnyglen Dominic 14
Ch Eyeza Crisdig Pip 14
Francesca of Crustadele 14
Ch Crisdig Celebration 14
Ch Crisdig Merry Matelot 12
Bonnyglen Juliet of Blagreaves 12

Amantra Dicky Mint 12
Aust ChPenbro Alphonso of Amantra 12
Eng -Aust Ch Amantra Bohemian Rhapsody 15
Ch Sweet Seraphim of Amantra 13
Barings Charley 12
Ch Crisdig Harlequin 14

can I just say how lovely it is to see those photos of the Golden Oldie Cavaliers that are appearing on the List
Thank You

Bet Hargreaves
I've copied Bet's post over to this forum, as her list of dogs will be some that would appear in many people's dog's pedigrees and I thought we all might like to see some of the good years that these ancestors reached. :)
I was talking to the lady I got Wallis from today. One of her dogs (I only know her as "Betsy", not her formal name) is still doing fine at 15.
It is heart-warming to see such grand ages here, and for me very reassuring to see some Homerbrent as Beau's sire is a Homerbrent import. Sure hope his ancestors have inherited those longevity genes. :xfngr:
More for the oldies list.

Bet, I have tried to keep track of the longevity in Rocky's pedigree, and know that I can add a couple to your list.

In a Craigowl breeder portrait on the CKCS Magazine on the Net, Gordon and Norma Inglis mention that their Homerbrent Honesty along with her son Homerbrent Hopscotch lived until 15. Craigowl Hoodwink, Hopscotch's littermate, died at 8 due to an autoimmune condition.

It is also mentioned that Craigowl Storm, Craigowl Cashmere, Craigowl Replica and Craigowl Silkience lived into their mid-teens, and Hopscotch tested heart clear at 14.

Rocky's mother has Honesty and Homeranne Caption in her background through Hoodwink, as well as a ton of Salador Charlock as she was linebred to him. I would love to know if anyone knows how Charlock fared with age.:xfngr:

Charlock lived to be 12 years old, according to his breeder/owner Sheila Smith he never ran up a vets bill in his life and he didn't in death either, he was galloping around in his grass paddock at home when he collapsed and died shortly afterwards.

Sourced from Sheila Smiths book "Cavalier King Charles Spaniels Today" in case you were wondering!

Charlock was a highly influential sire within whole-Colours although he actually had a mixed pedigree himself, his father Ch:Caderyn Black Tulip being a B/T and his mother Salador Crumpet being a Tri-Colour!! Although he had a mixed pedigree he reverted to being Whole-colour dominant, he sired the Ruby bitch CH.Salador Coppergleam, a Crufts CC winner, in one of his first litters and later in llife sired the B/T dog CH:Rheinvelt Ringold von Salador, again a Crufts cc winner in one of his last litters!! Quite some dog, I feel honoured to have met him!! :D

Hope this is of interest/help to you?

Thanks Cathryn:D

Rocky's mom is almost 33% Charlock, and she is very youthful in her age as well. I have been curious for quite some time as to how Charlock aged, so that is definately the information I was looking for.

I am waiting for some books in the mail and then I'm sure I'll find out more on Rocky's ancestors, as well as Missie's, my Cavalier mix.
Thank you so much Bet for that, I'd actually been meaning to ask you for some time, I found your name on a Cavalier site and read that you have alot of knowledge of long lived cavs.
Cavalier golden oldies

Thank you so much Bet for that, I'd actually been meaning to ask you for some time, I found your name on a Cavalier site and read that you have alot of knowledge of long lived cavs.


I don't whether I have mentioned TUPPENCE before,but she is the Longest Lived Cavalier that I have found out about.

She was born 28-11-1985.

Lived to 19 years 4 months 3 weeks.

Her Sire was Ewecote Blue Blazer and her Dam Snowball Martini Mona.

Tuppence's Litter Sister Penny lived to 17.5 years

I heard Barneys Dad Homerbrent Expression died recently I think he was 15, I hope Barney is around for a few more years yet!! I know he has a few other issues (His Ruperts Fund MRI result etc) but I am very pleased to have him as only a very small murmour ( Vet can't hear it only the cardiologist picked it up) at eight :))