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Farewell Pippin


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After rallying round many times earlier this year and last year but picking up really well last April and having a good summer, our beautiful Pippin has left us 

He slipped away peacefully in the care of our lovely vet, here in our own home, with us.
Just like Gus and DJ. I hoped not to have to make the decision but despite MVD/CHF his little heart was strong to the end it was the rest of his body especially his legs that failed him in the end.
The last of my Cavaliers to go, he lived to 13 years, 9 months, 2 weeks. 13 years, 7 months and 1 week of his life was spent here with us.

If love could have kept my three boys alive they would be here still, but love helped me make the decision for all three of them, that no one wants to make.

Goodbye Pippin, our tiny Cavalier, our forever puppy 
04/02/2004 - 18/11/2017
I'm so sorry to read this. I know how much you loved all your pups, but Pippin, Gus and DJ are now together, running and playing with no pain or hardship.
RIP sweet Pippin.
Having just gone through this with Riley, I know how sad a time it is for you. RIP Pippin. Love will keep him alive in your heart, right there with DJ and Gus.
I'm so sorry that you have lost Pippin and are now without a Cavalier. Remembering the times I have had to make similar decisions, however much we know it is the right thing to do, the last loving act for our dog, it is never easy and leaves us so sad. We miss them.

Thinking of you,

Kate and Ruby xxx
So very sorry to read that you have lost your beloved Pippin and are now without a Cavalier in your home, but never forget that he will remain in your heart for as long as you want him to be there, along with Gus and DJ. Dearly loved and never forgotten :D

Be proud of the hard decision you made and when the time is right be ready to welcome another Cavalier into your life.
Thank you so much Joyce, Bev, Kate and Flo for your kind words.
Much appreciated and helps to know I am not alone xx
We haven't visited this site for quite some time, and it's sad to see familiar names from years ago that are gone now. :(

Our eldest, Beauregard will be 12 Monday. He's having trouble with his back legs, showing signs of dementia, and doesn't really like to be 'handled' anymore. But he perks right up at dinnertime and has occasional flashes of puppy playfulness. Elvis will be 12 at Easter. He's been deaf for several years, and has an advanced murmur, now medicated. He's always been a prolific sleeper, but when awake he still has the look and activity level of a puppy. Our two 'rescues' are 9, and not showing signs of any problems.

So sorry for all of you who've had a loss. They bring us such joy and ask so little in return!