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Feeding 17 week old puppy ALL meals from Kong??


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We are bringing our puppy, Cori, home in 2 weeks and she'll be 17 weeks old. We are going to follow Ian Dunbar's puppy advice, but I think most of his advice is geared toward an 8 week old puppy. He advocates feeding all their meals from a Kong. I'm wondering if it's necessary/desirable to feed all her meals from a Kong, given her age. Plus, at the breeder, she eats her meals from a bowl. I'm not even sure if she's had a Kong yet.

I definitely want to use Kongs for crate time. I'm just not sure about using them for meals, too. I appreciate any advice! Thanks!

Amy :)
I have never fed Remy a meal from a kong, although he does get a small kong almost everyday with soft dogfood mixed with tasty special stuff such as plain yogurt, cream cheese, tuna or maybe leftover meat scraps.

I like to keep them somewhat special and if given too often with regular meals it will lose it's "special" effect. I do make sure that I keep track of how much food he gets in the kong so I am not over feeding him his daily allowance.

Personally I believe that you and Cori will find what best works for the both of you.

Congrats on your new furfriend.
Thanks so much for your reply! Great point about keeping the Kong "special." I want to give Cori the Kong only in the crate as part of her crate training, so I definitely want to be sure she sees it as special.

I will measure out her food for the day in the morning and use some of it in the Kong and some of it in her bowl. I'm thinking she will get the Kong quite a bit, especially when we first get her because we will be crate training her. I hope I don't give her too many extra calories that way!

Thanks again. Love the name, Remy, by the way!

Amy :)