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Goodbye Riley

Love my Cavaliers

Well-known member
Sadly, Riley, my cavalier with SM who somehow managed to make it to the age of 15 and 2 days, died today. She was the most courageous dog, the sweetest, the most lovable. The only way I knew she was in pain or any kind of discomfort was when I would find her hiding under a table to get away from my other dogs. A light has gone out from my heart today, never to be replaced. I know time will heal my grief, but it's raw right now, even though I've been expecting it for quite some time now. I just loved my girl.
So sorry that you have lost your beloved Riley Bev, but you must be so proud of helping her to achieve such a great age.

Of course your grief is raw right now; our Cavaliers leave paw prints on our hearts - once loved never forgotten. In time you will remember your girl with smiles.

R.I.P. sweet Riley.
So sorry to read of Riley's death, Bev. Such a good age, but perhaps that makes the hole left in your heart even bigger, full of so many memories and so many years of love on both sides. I don't think the hole a particular dog leaves ever entirely heals, but other dogs have their own places. Thinking of you. xxx
Thank you all for your kind words. As sad and as hard as it has been, it really has been comforting to know that Riley lived a good, long life with us. We have been blessed with our cavaliers. Oliver lived until 14 and 1/2, Riley until just over 15, Madison has just hit 14 years and Oz pulls up the rear at 10 years. Don't know what I'm doing except loving them, and giving a daily CoQ10, salmon oil and probiotic. Thanks again for all your support.