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Happy Dogs!


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Spring or really summer has arrived to Virginia (we don't get a try spring just cold or warm not much in between) We normally go straight from using our heat to A/C and this year of course with our luck the A/C has been out the past 3 days. It has been about 85F (that's 29C) and not too too hot inside tho yesterday it was about 90F (32C) inside during the hottest time of the afternoon. My poor dogs!!! I was worried about them especially since it was in the 50's (10's) last week. This morning the part we have been waiting for came in so my husband got the A/C fixed (for now touch wood) I think the dogs are VERY happy about being more comfortable inside.

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Awww...so cute. Your other pup looks like a little lamb in that photo.

That would be Eddie the disappearing poodle. We keep him pretty much shaved down some people ask what breed is he? LOL He's disappearing because he avoids everyone in the house except my husband which is even weirder because he is very friendly at work with my husband. If I sit on the sofa he will go away. He has never been aggressive in all his 13 years but I normally find myself saying "where is Eddie?" Most days he is with my husband at the shop but today he has another follow up doctor appointment (entirely another story I don't even want to think about it) so Eddie is home all day. Really I think he's just a snob and does like me. Eddie and Fletcher get along fine tho Eddie is not into playing, some times I think Fletcher just pesters the old guy for fun :confused: Eddie is a great dog but its more like owning a shadow that eats dog food you hardly know he's here.