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How to help Rupert's Fund


There is a lot you can do without actually donating money - using http://rupertsfund.easysearch.org.uk/ for searching the internet rather than google etc and http://www.easyfundraising.org.uk/ to buy items

Telling people about Rupert's Fund and about the above too will make such a difference, also publicising things like the auctions and the Cavalier Matters shop

We still have the Rupert's Fund recipe books available see here

and there will soon be some more wonderful merchandise including special Rupert's Fund cards :D

Of course there are others way to help - maybe ask family and friends to sell items on E-bay, have coffee mornings etc.

I'm sure everyone can think of other ideas to help :biggrin:
Thanks so much for these ideas, Nicki. :)

I just want to add that people do not have to get any special clearance in order to raise funds–they can just have people donate directly to PayPal if doing a fundraiser. Or if people raise money and pay you, you can donate the amount via PayPal.

Full information on how to donate is at the Rupert's fund website, www.rupertsfund.com
Awareness Wristband Ideas

When I went to the Cavaliers of the South Dog Show, a friend gave me an SM Awareness wristband which actually benefits the SM Foundation but thought

1) it was very nice to have and special thing to do. She got one for herself even though her Cavalier does not have SM
2) What a great fundraising idea.

What would your thoughts be for say CM/SM Awareness to benefit Rupert's Fund etc.?
Are you suggesting maybe trying to get the bracelets made for Rupert's Fund? [or perhaps inc the Collection Scheme too as then they would be a memorial for all the beloved companions who have gone through the scheme]

I think that's a lovely idea - I found the ones supporting Human SM on the internet, I'm guessing that's the one you have?

Bit of research required I think - thank you for the idea :thmbsup: