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Killian hits his 17th birthday!!!!


Killian had his 17th birthday on September 25th!!! What a milestone for him. He has been the best companion and has enjoyed many travels with us. He had a New York steak dinner which I will add ate it fairly quickly!!! We started this steak dinner tradition on his 16th birthday. Topped off the dinner with a special donut doggie biscuit with sprinkles!!
WOW :hppybdy:

That's fantastic.....what an age...hope he enjoys many more steak dinners to come XX
That is terrific. You mentioned that he is deaf. What else can you say about his health? Like, heart disease if any? How does he get around physically? How much energy does he have?
Just love hearing of a cavalier reaching such a wonderful age. He deserved every bite of that steak! :D
How wonderful, I love hearing about dogs who live such long happy lives, and a steak dinner too!
Killian says thanks for the birthday rsponses!!!

How wonderful, I love hearing about dogs who live such long happy lives, and a steak dinner too!

We have been blessed with long living pets (family members). Their unconditional love and grace really just keeps us giving back. What a wonderful two way street!!! Some times I think he wants a 17th birthday everyday...... yum steak dinner!!!!!
He became deaf about 5 years ago. He has a cataract in his right eye and has some several teeth over the years. Last year was diagnosed with stage 3 CHF and has been on meds for that since. He has been on Lasix for 2-3 years though. Started him on that when the murmur was noticed 3 years ago. Had some additional blood work done and has some signs of kidney disease but have been correcting that by changing his diet. Blood work numbers have improved with diet change. He eats and drinks well and general sleeps well. He is dealing with loss of muscle mass especially in his hips so walking is a struggle now. He also has been experiencing dealing with doggie dementia lately and starting to loose some balance. This has been a challenge for us to adjust in helping him with his daily life. We probably are struggling with this change more than he is. Still what a wonderful family member!!! Dreading that fateful day. Thanks for asking
Just amazing, how fantastic to have a Cavalier reaching such an incredible age, truly a tribute to your loving care. It sounds like you are doing a really good job taking care of his health needs, he is very fortunate.

Are you able to post some photos, it would be lovely to "meet" Killian :)