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Lola from 9weeks to 14months!


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I thought as we will have had Lola for a year on the 13th I'd chronicle her journey so far here...

Me holding Lola, the night we brought her home, 9 weeks.

Day 2 in her new home, 9 weeks.

Lolas favourite past time, sleeping in my bed! 13 weeks!

Lola in her new raincoat, 5 months

Tug of War! 6 months!

Doing her best scary face. 8 months.

Sleeping on my scarf, 9 months.

Watching me bake. 11 months.

Happy Girl out for walkies, 13 months.

Mischievious! 14 months.
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Super cute!!!!! In my house we would celebrate both my doggie's birthday and adopted day. Two parties are better than oneb*n*n*

Oh she is so beautiful :eek:) We just bought a puppy 2 days ago. Her name is Rosa, would you have any advice that you think will come in handy? Thank you..
Mainly I would say enjoy her! In my experience with Lola, she was a total breeze to housetrain! The only issue I had with her and still do is that she is a VERY picky eater.. and I worried myself sick over it. But she'll eat when shes hungry, simple!!! Pics of rosa?x