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New Cavalier Lover


Hi everyone, I have been overtaken by my first little ruby male cavalier puppy 'Rogan'. We got him at 10 weeks old and he is now about 5 months old. I also have a 3 year old female boxer 'Moxie'. The first few weeks my boxer was scared of him to the point of shaking and hiding. We had an older boxer die and she grieved with us for about 6 months before we got Rogan so we just assumed she would be happy but it took her a bit to warm up to him. Course his jumping and biting her didn't sit well with her at all! Funny as a puppy she did the exact same thing to the older boxer, you know what they say about paybacks... Now he is bigger she is starting to mouth him back and hold him down with one paw when he gets out of hand. Sometimes she brings me pig ears for Rogan to chew when he is sitting on my lap so he doesn't get the 'no bite' command for biting my fingers. She acts like a momma dog and lets him have whatever toy or pig ear he wants and she is so patient with him.
My breeder was up front about the health issues and asked if I had read up on them; her breed stock are OFA heart certified. I am so happy to have found this website with all the knowledge and real life experiences to learn about cavaliers. I look forward to many years of reading your post and seeing your dog pictures.
Rogan's Mom (Lori)
Hi Rogan's mum
Sorry I haven't been on the forum much for the past couple of weeks, so I missed your arrival. Your Rogan sounds delightful, and Moxie will soon teach him manners! Cavaliers are such a special breed, it so sad they have so many health problems, but I hope Rogan will have a long and healthy life. Look forward to seeing some photos of him.

I have a 7-year-old rescue Blenheim called (confusingly!) Ruby. She isn't from a puppy farm but was a pet whose owner got too ill to care for her. She has a few hang ups but on the whole is lively, energetic and good company - she has been with me 16 months. My avatar is my old Cavalier, Oliver, who died last year aged 13.

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Kate and Ruby