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MVD New Member & happy to see this board is active again! My Cavalier has MVD and I need help.


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Bailey is asymptomatic stage B2 and I'm looking for help and advice as to what heart measurements and/or at what size or % of increase it is appropriate to start Pimobendan. I will not go by the bogus Vetmedin Epic trial suggestions as they are not even close to appropriate for Cavaliers per CavalierHealth.org.


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Welcome back and am not sure what current specific suggestions are there. Rod would likely know; many vets and cardiologists, probably the majority now seem to prescribe some meds at an earlier stage in MVD onset and I am not sure who might have an alternative viewpoint. He's always very approachable so you might email him via CavalierHealth or message him via his page on Facebook?
Thank you Karlin. I don't know Rod do you have a last name and/or how to contact him on CavalierHealth.org?