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New Theme: Hairy Hooligans!


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If you find yourself shouting Stop,Leave,Drop,No..you may have a hairy hooligan on your hands.
Random acts of wanton destruction? Mayhem and madness?..or just general naughtiness?
Then we recommend photographing the event and posting here.
for example: "PUT Down your sister".
My little guy steals anything foot related that we don't nail down, socks, slippers, even trainers.

Hello Sins

If the topic is about Hooligan Cavaliers I suppose one photo does come to mind .

Daisy and My Newly Planted Flowers .

According to recent studies, the majority of Cavaliers resent being leashed but know they can't do anything about it, so will frequently stick out their tongue at us when we aren't looking.

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Perhaps we should set a closing date for the competition as midnight Dec 18 th.