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New Theme - Sleeping beauties


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Sorry folks for not getting back with a theme . Had a sudden family bereavement at the weekend and things have been manic - sorry!!

Right, the theme I thought would be nice is "Sleeping beauties" there's nothing more lovely than a snoozing Cav next to you, and I think after food and walks snoozing is a Cavaliers favourite activity.icon_whistling

I've put in a photo of Kaley and Sonny just because I love looking at them!!:) but obviously we won't be entering. I won't put the poll out for a good while ( due to family commitments) but looking forward to seeing all the gorgeous wee snoozy Cavalier pictures which will cheer me up and put a smile on my face.

I had a hard time deciding (since this is what Rose does best, haha), but here it is:

Rose's happy time nap with Daddy:

I too hope friends are allowed! Here's Helio cuddled up with his very best friend Dobby, our 9 year old American Eskimo/Australian Shepard mix. He just loves snuggling with him!

Coco snoozing in a pile of blankets


Solo and Coco...sleeping strange


And as a little baby girl, sleeping with her newly found friend, Solo. This one will be my entry

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Piper cuddling with me a couple of days after my surgery.

My sweet sleeping boy
This is my entry
i have sooooooo many to choose from since my boy is the laziest pup i know :rolleyes:

here's my entry:


(my mum took it of us all)

This is Dougall having a snooze, he has trained Dotty to be his "personal ultimate sleeping mask" as you can see Dotty is a typical female she can multi task, Dotty can work while she sleeps.:-D

This is turning out to be a fascinating thread with wonderful photos - do keep them coming and well chosen, Merello :snap::snap: