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Pictures for the 2013 calendar


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Unfortunately...I haven't submitted any pictures of Wrigley for the calendar. My camera is not that great..and I honestly don't know if I could take as good of pictures as what I have seen.
Can I just say though...that I have absolutely LOVED viewing all the entries! :luv:
Every single photo..and every category pictures such adorable little Cavaliers.
It would be hard to judge which one is the best.

I certainly would like to buy one of these calendars when they come available ! :cool:

...... Oooops... I meant 2013 calendar.....
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Thank you Diane - I have amended the title to 2013!

Please do submit your photos, it is not judged on technical ability but the appeal of the photos - something we would all like to see on our wall for a month, so I hope no-one feels that their photos are not "good enough".

You still have just over 24 hours!!

This is one of our main fundraising activities so it is wonderful if as many people as possible can support it - the calendars will of course be available from the Cavalier gift shop - I will post as soon as they are there!

It is lovely to have a calendar with photos of members of our forum - and this year members of the Companion Club too - rather than just anonymous dogs.