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Pippin is 8


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Pippin, my little tri, with MVD and epilepsy was 8 yrs old on Saturday:)

He is in good form and still loves to get up to mischief, he doesn't know he has health problems so he carries on as normal, and that's what we try to do too.

He has Gus 10 and DJ 7 for company and still loves to play fetch, play fight with DJ and have a 15 minute daily walk :)

He's the first to look for meals at dinner time and breakfast and will lie staring at us willing us to share when we sit down with a cuppa and a biscuit, I hope we have many more years of happiness with our little forever puppy...
:hppybdy: Pippin! It's so good to hear that he is in high spirits despite his health issues :) I bet it is improving on him that he's got Gus and DJ to keep up with :)
Pippin, 8 years old! How wonderful is that!


Hope you have an awsome day!
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Happy Brithday Pippin, great to hear of your celebration and how well you are doing.

Lovely to see you posting :)
Pippin says "Thank you everyone" (well not really of course but he looked happy:))

Nicki---Thanks I haven't been able to come on for ages due to work commitments but out of work with neck problems, so have a bit of time on my hands.

Chelle----nice to see you and Rex back here:)
Belated Birthday Greetings Pippin, hope you had a wonderful time and plenty of treats to enjoy and of course share with all your pals too :)
Belated Birthday Greetings Pippin, hope you had a great day and retrieving all those wonderful treats - hidden from view.

Love from Kirra -x-