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Puppies digging up the yard...


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Over the past few weeks, our two pups have developed a disturbing habit. They begin digging holes in the yard within a few minutes after being let outside. Some holes are 6 to 8 inches in diameter; others are underneath flagstones. The dirt and gravel gets flung around the yard, so it's difficult to refill the holes.

So far, we have used two bottles of anti-digging spray, which does work, but we can't afford to spray the entire yard with it, over and over.

Has anyone else here had this problem, and if so, what was your solution?


Roy and Jean
I was having the same challenge with my pup Maya what I ended up doing was not allowing her to go out unattended and typically she only goes out on leash. An option I considered was to get a small kids sand box (I think you need special sand though) for a digging spot.
I had a digger when she was younger, surprisingly not my cavalier, and I designated a small area in the yard where she was allowed to dig. If she started to dig outside of the designated area I would direct her the spot where she could dig and eventually she got the message. She is about to turn three and never digs anymore. I think it is something they grow out of if they have other avenues to release energy and boredom.
My Fletcher went threw a digging stage. I did get him a sandbox and taught him that was "his" dig space. It worked out pretty well, gave him a place to dig his little heart out. My son used to bury toys for him to find they had a good time. Sand does have some downfalls, like sand in the eyes and you don't want your pup to eat it. Also tracking sand in the house is only slightly better than mud however a quick brush and you can skip the washing your muddy dog