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Rosie - turns 14 in August


Can't figure out how to upload photos, so here's a link!

My girl Rosie on a 2-hour beach walk today :) Bred on a puppy farm, first owners bought her from a pet shop and got rid at 18 months when they got a new puppy; she then spent several years with an elderly woman, being fed to within an inch of her life and unable to manage a proper walk. I got her at age 7...she'll be 14 in early August.

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Rosie is looking good. I love hearing about cavs that live long lives and I love the beach photos. Her lab friend is very handsome too!
Thanks :) Ozzie's a Lab x Golden Retriever...character-wise he's a real Goldie, lovely boy but rather dopey, Rosie is definitely the brains of the outfit!! Longest walk Rosie's been on for a while due to a foot infection and a reshuffling of medication, but I'd say after today that we're definitely getting there, a lovely day and very positive progress with her :)
Rosie is looking really good, shows what a good life she has with you.

Having a 14 years old myself, I know how special they are.
From a rough start to a perfect life! It is so encouraging to see a dog in good health at that age. Thanks
How fantastic, Rosie looks amazing, especially after a difficult start to her life. Ozzie is just gorgeous too!